Marketing and Return on Investment What we do Value Judgement’s expertise is return on investment analysis for brands and media businesses. We provide independent validation of marketing effectiveness and media effectiveness strategies. Our core capabilities are:    Working out marketing effectiveness Am I getting a good return on marketing investment ? Is it sales or price gains? How can I improve ? Working out media effectiveness How valuable is this medium to brand owners? How much will they buy at what price ? Can I grow the revenue? Working out brand value How much better off am I with my brand than without it ? Has my marketing shifted perceived value? What will happen if I change the product or service? Price setting What price should I charge? What changes are customers price sensitive to ?   Pricing new “pay per view” media Who will pay how much, for what ? In summary: we seek to understand, protect and grow your return on investment   . Brands, Media and Money Testimonials "Andrew will always bring original insight and great clarity to his analysis of data. A brilliant person to have on your side when considering investment options or forecasting future market behaviour." David Cuff  - Commercial Director, Virgin Media ‘We asked Andrew the question, he gave us the answer.  Through a series of innovative and very clever piece of analyses, Andrew was able to demonstrate to ourselves and the advertising industry in Ireland, in a clear concise manner, that traditional advertising on Television remains as strong as ever.’  Paul Loughrey, Research and Marketing Manager, RTÉ Television Sales I