How we measure effectiveness Our approach Working with the right associates for each job we pick the correct cost-efficient statistical or research technique to solve your problem. Being small but experienced means faster, more cost effective work. The toolkit typically contains: - econometric analyses, - analysing sales and driver data to work out the relationship - conjoint surveys -  original research that puts cash values on preferences - max-diff tests - quick way of ranking and scaling your options - attitude surveys - re-analysing existing data to reveal drivers and segments - innovative implicit attitude measures - new ways of detecting consumers’ real attitudes Our return on investment emphasis is on long-term profit - where branding has its most significant effect. Owners of strong brands simply make more money than their competitors - as the graph below shows. Return on Investment Brands, Media and Money The approach is based on over 30 years of solving problems for a wide range of blue-chip clients in both the UK and the USA. From Unilever to Microsoft through Bell South, Victoria’s Secret and including Channel 4 TV and the BBC. Our aim is to be accurate, imaginative, financially literate and actionable. Advertsing effectiveness RTE