Pay per view - finding the right price Brands, Media and Money An Imperial MBA project research was set up last summer (2009) to investigate the “added value” of football leagues and the relative value of teams. The measure used was the “willingness to pay” for European pay TV football matches. Simplified economic conjoint research  The technique built on VJ work in many other consumer markets – from cars to yoghurts. But in this case – as a student project - the surveys were administered in simple excel workbooks – rather than by using an online panel. This was a mentored student project administered to about 30 students in Spain and 30 in the UK. The following results are therefore indicative rather than definitive Blue is the colour? The team preference data shown opposite are not prices – but raw “utilities”. In our test for the UK sample Chelsea was the most valuable team and Sevilla the least ( it was a London sample!). Potential commercial applications of this work: - TV rights valuation and negotiation support - Team sponsorship valuation - League negotiations with teams - Regulatory issues: - Auctions design for TV rights - Individual versus collective selling of TV rights : Conjoint research of European football games Pay per view pricing of European football games <<<< Back to menu