Predicting the impact of promotions Brands, Media and Money Marketers have a wide range of promotions at their disposal. The ideal is to find the ones that have the best effect on your product or service at the least cost - and then also use this evidence to enthuse retailers. It’s hard to evaluate promotions accurately using conventional research as it’s hard to get people to admit they are influenced by them (let alone by how much). However by using indirect choice techniques we can now work out the relative values of a range of offers with some precision. In the food example - summarised in the chart opposite  - unsurprisingly “Free Product” is the most motivating - but this can be costly. Nearly as effective were versions of “Win” or even “Collect”. Most importantly the responses were highly sensitive to the precise expression of the offer. Although not shown here “altruistic” charity promotions - particularly if topical or personally relevant - can also be highly motivating. Combining cost information and this response data can optimise promotional ROI. : Promotion impact measurement <<<< Back to menu